Shivaji college

Our facilities :

The students have all the facilities for games and sports. Adequate infrastructure are provided for indoor and outdoor games and extra-curricular activities. A canteen with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food is also available in the college campus. The college building has made more provisions for the expansion. Each section of students has separate classrooms and the class rooms are well furnished and ventilated.

College Library


The primary purpose of an academic library is to promote reading habit, literary taste & inquisitive zeal & also to support teaching & research activities in the Organization.The college library is spacious and housed with good collection of standerd technology books, science journals, magazines and periodicals. Library has about 19,525 books, 8 Daily papers, weekly magazines & 13 monthly magazines. Standard books and newspapes are available for the use of students during the working hours. The library books will be issued everyday. Encyclopedia and Multi volume books will not be issued out of the library premises. Apart from adequate furniture, cool & purified drinking water facility and toilet are provided.

College Canteen


The College Canteen is a large spacious area, with a view of greenery all around, and a variety of refreshments and meals available.A canteen is run in the premises of the College under the supervision of the management and the staff. It serves the students and the staff with reasonable rates and good quality food. Students spend their free time in between lectures in the canteen, not only for physical refreshment but also for student bonding, discussions and even work on assignments and projects.Seating arrangement is also provided outside the canteen. Healthy and delicious food items are provided.The college canteen tries to cater to different tastes andprovides food at reasonable prices to both teachers and students.

Computer laboratory


A computer lab, also known as a computer suite or computer cluster (a term also used forserver clusters) is typically a room which contains many networked computers for student  use. A computer lab has more than 60 Personal Computers with the latest configurations. A well-equipped computer laboratory with hitech computers with latest configuration, printers & structured network system to provide opportunities of study & training to the students is established. The computer lab has several sections. Each of these sections offers different software applications for support of the many program areas across campus; such as, standard applications, Internet applications, programming and art design application.