Shivaji college

Disciplinary Rules & Regulations :

  • The Students should be regular to the clases.
  • Failure in satisfying 75% of attendence in each subject before filling examination form, may result in detaining a students from appearing the Annual Examination.
  • The Students should appear for all class tests and college examinations.
  • The Students should be disciplined in their conduct towards staff members and classmates.
  • The students should not damage any property of the College and indulgence in such destructive activities shall be seriously dealt with.
  • Writing in walks and black boards is prohibited.
  • The students should not loiter in corridor during off periods.
  • The students should not bring and entertain any outsider during college hours.
  • The students should possess identity cards and should produce it as and when asked for.
  • The discipline committee will seriously deal with any violation of above said rules.
  • The students should wear uniform evey day except on Wednesday.
  • The Students should be inside the classroom as soon as the bell rings and should maintain silence in class room and library
  • Attendence to all classes is compulsory. Shortage of attendence as per the rules will make the student ineligible to appear for the annual examination.
  • Tutorials, tests and practicals conducted by the college are compulsory.